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Closed in 2009 for renovation.

Open only to resident clients or groups of over 30



The Benninger embroidery loom from St Gallen was delivered to
Cordes over 100 years ago, and is still running smoothly today.


Embroidered postcards in silk from
1914-18 war woven by the womenfolk.

The lop-sided embroiderer stool ~
a curiosity from the 1880s.

We have newly restored our 1890's embroidery atelier at La Gaudane!

You may have read this in the press. We now have a fully re-created Cordes atelier with the only St Gall embroidery machine publicly demonstrated anywhere in France. It is completely unique and completely fascinating - a 3 tonne 6-metre monster, worked solely by hand with 300 needles to embroider the finest, most exquisite work. For all lovers of traditional French embroidery this is a thrilling experience at La Gaudane non-pareil.

Together with the embroidery metier we have reconstructed the 100-year-old environment, old designs, cottons, spools, the threading embroidery machine and all the muddle of the ages. But also very unmuddled, we have a wonderful display at La Gaudane of antique embroidery and modestly priced samples of our work today that you will want to buy for others but keep for yourself!

The Lacoste crocodile – Cordes’ last commercial contract
You will also see an exhibition of several hundred silk embroidered postcards (made by the women of Cordes while the men were away at the war of 1914-18) and shipped to Paris for onward sale to the Allied troops in the trenches.

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